Cute couple bracelets

Silk Wrap Bracelets A few weeks ago I mentioned to you that Gabrielle had been working on a fabulous school project that I couldn’t wait to share with you. I’m so excited to share it with you today or I should say I’m very excited that Gabrielle will be sharing it with you today! She worked really hard on her project and her hard work paid off.

Silk Wrap Bracelet Tutorial - Created by Gabrielle (9)

Hello I’m Gabrielle! I’m Christine’s daughter. I just turned 9 on Monday! I’m very happy to be here today to share with you my Silk Wrap Bracelet Tutorial, which was my end of year school project. My teacher and my friends really enjoyed my project, I’m hoping that you will too. Here’s a collage of what my project looked like:

School Project

What do you think of my setup? It was very fun to put together. I even showed my friends my Mom’s blog so that they can see other tutorials I have shared on her blog  like my Chunky Bead Bracelets. I bet you’re excited to see the tutorial in detail, so here we go! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

– Flat nose pliers
– Round nose pliers
– Wire cutters
Tools needed to make jewelry

– Silk ribbon
– Jump rings
– Beads
– Charms
– Pin needle findings
Jewelry Making Supplies


Step 1: Thread a jump ring onto the silk bracelets ribbon.
How to thread silk

Step 2: Take out a pin needle finding and insert a bead on it.
How to make embellishments

Step 3: Use the flat nose pliers to bend the pin needle finding to a 90 degree angle.
Use flat nose pliers to bend pin needles

Step 4: Use wire cutters to cut off some of the length from the pin needle finding. (If it’s too long your loop will be too big.)
Use wire cutters to cut the extra pin

Step 5: Take out the round nose pliers and use them to roll the pin needle finding into a loop. (Do not close it completely yet!).
How to make a loop

Step 6: Place the loop onto the jump ring on your silk ribbon.
Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

Step 7: Now you can close the loop using round nose pliers. (The bead is now secure onto your bracelet.
Ribbon Bracelet

Step 8 (optional): If you have charms that you would like to put on your bracelet: you can use flat nose pliers to open their jump rings and attach them onto the bracelet. Don’t forget to close the jump rings to secure them onto the bracelet. Also some charms come with lobster attachments, which means you can just open them and attach them immediately onto your bracelet!
Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

Step 9: Place the jump ring with all the charms in the middle of your ribbon and tie a knot to secure it in place.
Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

Step 10: Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and make a knot!
Silk Wrap Bracelets - Tutorial by Gabrielle (9 years old)Silk Wrap Bracelets - Tutorial by Gabrielle (9 years old)Silk Wrap Bracelets - Tutorial by Gabrielle (9 years old)Silk Wrap Bracelets - Tutorial by Gabrielle (9 years old)
Making Silk Wrap Bracelets is so much fun! These bracelets are made to be personalized! They make such great gifts! Learn how to make them with this easy to follow tutorial. The Silk Wrap Bracelets were created by my 9 year old daughter! Oh so pretty and oh so easy!

I hope you enjoyed my project!
If you have any questions, please ask them.. it will be my pleasure to try to answer them for you.

Thanks for reading!

And??? What do you think of Gabrielle’s Silk Wrap Bracelets? Aren’t they AWESOME?
I think they turned out so cute! I’ve put in an order with her for a couple of them. hehe

Have a great day!!


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Cute couple bracelets


Cute couple bracelets

Cute couple bracelets

Cute couple bracelets

Cute couple bracelets

Cute couple bracelets

Cute couple bracelets

Cute couple bracelets

Cute couple bracelets

Cute couple bracelets